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Joy of Photography

The Three Hills Arts Academy is pleased to bring Ron Nickel back to teach another 6 classes in digital photography.  The last 3 classes Ron taught were complete sell-outs, and we expect another great turn-out from photographers in Three Hills and neighboring communities.

This year one complete course is being offered in two parts.

The Joy of Digital Photography - Level 1
Unleashing the potential of your DSLR
The Joy of Image Manipulation - Level 1
Uncovering the possibilities in your photographs

Dates:  April 10 - 26, Tuesdays and Thursdays @7pm.
Cost:  $249.00 (plus gst) for both parts
Place:  The Three Hills Arts Academy, 201 5th Ave. North, Three Hills, AB
Phone:  403 443-7011 - ask for Marilyn.

The first 3 classes (6 hours of instruction) will be entirely about learning the in and outs of your DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera, and/or your fully manual digital camera, as well as expert instruction on how to compose and expose great photographs.

This is an introductory course for the beginning photographer who has just picked up a camera for the first time, as well as for the more the serious amateur photographer wanting to build upon what he/she has already experimented with. 
Ron will teach using lectures, slide shows, and by critiquing work submitted by students as assignments he will be giving from week to week.  There will be in class time for students to ask questions each week.  Ron plans to move quite rapidly through camera basics, and will vary the pace as the class gets to more complicated camera operations and photography techniques.

What Ron will teach:
- How to get perfect exposures EVERY time
- Why in camera exposure meters may seem to not work properly
- How to control depth of field
- How to control exposure and contrast
- How to increase your percentage of great images
- How to control color balance / white balance
What all those symbols are on that main dial - "S" "A" "M" "P" - and what they do
- What the difference is between sRGB and RGB color spaces, and why you should care
- The difference between Jpeg, Tiff, Raw, and why Raw rules!
- How to get the best quality from your lenses
- Which filters to use and when, or if you should use them at all
- What each of those many other buttons do and if they are really that useful
- How to expose for difficult subject matter
- How to make stronger compositions
- How to use and select tripods and heads

- Students MUST have a DSLR, or a digital camera with fully manual capabilities.
- A great attitude to learn tons of new ideas and concepts quickly.

Preferred but not a requirement:
- A tripod.
- A Flash
- A basic understanding of Photoshop and/or Lightroom.  Ron will be using PS5 for in-class demos.

The next 3 classes (6 hours of instruction) will be about learning how to bring the most out of your digital photographs.

This is an introductory course designed for those who want to make their images look SPECTACULAR.  Ron is a prolific Photoshop user, and after the very first class you will be amazed at how easy it is to make your photographs jump off your computer monitor with just a few choice mouse clicks.  There are many image manipulation options available today, but Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom is by far the most used software worldwide by amateurs and professionals alike, and that's what Ron will be using to teach with.
Ron will teach using his laptop and projector for the whole class to see, and students are encouraged not to try and follow with their own laptops (although he won't kick you out of the class if you bring yours).  Detailed notes will be given on every technique he illustrates, so if you can't remember what he did to make that image sing, you can refer back to the notes he's prepared for you.  Ron will be sensitive to not move so rapidly that he leaves students behind "in the dust".

What Ron will teach:
- Proper techniques of getting the images out of your camera
- Image management from shoot to archive - yes . . . these first two sound basic, but are very important to get right from the "get go"
- Why Bridge together with Camera RAW and Lightroom are so incredibly fantastic (Bridge and Camera Raw are part of PS)
- Why it is so important and beneficial to shoot RAW images
- How to tweak only selected selected colors
- How to enhance only certain areas of your image
- How to quickly add a neutral density "filter" to your image
- Batch image correction and cropping
- How to easily find your images out of the thousands you take
- How to perform a perfect "head swap"
- How to execute a simple mask of your subject and combine it with another image
- Spot-on accurate color balancing
- HDR - the good uses of it
- Aftermarket plug-gins that are amazing
- Many, many, more skills and techniques

- Students MUST obtain Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5, or Lightroom 3 or 4.  These are downloadable program with a 30 day FREE trial period.  BTW - Do NOT download this program before April 10, 2012 if you want to have access to the license for the length of the class.
- A great attitude to learn tons of new ideas and concepts quickly.
- Access to a computer with Photoshop or Lightroom loaded in it for class assignments.

Preferred but not a requirement:
- A laptop.
- A basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5 , or Lightroom.  Ron will be using CS5 for in-class demos.

About Your Instructor - Ron Nickel:
Ron has made his entire living in photography since 1978.  He moved to Three Hills from Vancouver in 1986 to take on the role as resident photographer at Prairie Bible Institute.  After the position was dissolved in 1993 he pursued the scary world of freelance photography, shooting whatever came his way - dogs, cats, families, local school portraits, and over 400 weddings.
Ron abandoned film in 2001 and has been shooting pro-digital ever since.  His first pro camera was a "huge" 5.5 megapixel Nikon which he shelled out $10,000 for (lens not included!).  Ron now shoots with Canon's latest equipment consisting of two Canon 5D Mark lIl camera bodies (22mp) and a host of lenses.  (Actually the Mark IIIs are on order at the time this document was published) ,
Ron is a full time award-winning free-lance photographer, and is currently shooting regularly for Focus on the Family (USA), Samaritan's Purse (USA + Canada), The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (USA), Decision Magazine, and ad agencies in Calgary and Toronto.  He often travels the globe as he shoots for these clients - he was out of country 50 days last year alone.  His work can also be found on numerous stock photography websites including Getty, Corbis, Veer, Alamy, Matton, Jupiter, Design Pics, and many others, and countless publications around the globe.
Ron operates a full sized drive-in commercial studio right here in Three Hills.

To enroll in this awesome two-part class please contact:
Marilyn Sept - (403) 443-7011

To obtain more course information call Ron

And to check out Ron's work go to:

We're gonna have a blast!  I'm looking forward to seeing all of you!